Rachael Golden (b. 1984 Florida) is an abstract travel artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. However, beginning in September of 2022, she and her husband left for a six month stint abroad as digital nomads! -They plan to split their time between South Korea and Portugal. 

Rachael has traveled to 22 countries across 5 continents and is always ready for the next adventure. Her work celebrates the experience of world travel through the strategic use of color and non-representational shape. She uses reference photos to create unique color palettes that are distinctly connected to specific locations, such as, golden hour in Sorrento, misty Ecuadorian highlands, or the dusky glow of a spice souk in Dubai.

The lack of recognizable subjects in her paintings allows you to slip into your own memories of past travels and invoke a sense of wonder for adventures yet to be had.

Her paintings invite you to feel transported; they will feed your wanderlust, nurture your curiosity and help you celebrate the places and experiences that have shaped you.