Look at our CUTE apartment in Seoul!!!

Look at our CUTE apartment in Seoul!!!

I can't believe it's really happening!

In exactly 2 months we will be on a plane to South Korea. 

We have booked a 3 month stay at an adorable airbnb in the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul. -There's only one small drawback; it's a 5th floor walk up. I somehow convinced Luke it would be worth the extra legwork because of the great location...also, did I mention?  It's sooo cute!  Besides, it'll be good for us. We're going to have buns of steel by the end of our stay! 

Hongdae is loaded with restaurants, shops and art galleries we can't wait to explore! Also, there are multiple metro stops near our apartment, which will make it easy to explore all the the other neighborhoods of Seoul as well. 

One of the primary goals we have for our time in Seoul is to improve our language skills! We have both been taking Korean lessons (Luke for much longer than myself) but we know immersion will be the fastest way to build our abilities. 

I've already started dropping pins in different art galleries and museums I want to explore while there. I can't wait to meet other artists and be exposed to new styles of art! Also, autumn will come during our stay in Korea, so I'm sure I'll have lots of inspiration for new travel series while out and about. 

I'll update you soon! ~Rachael 

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