Big News!!!

Big News!!!

I've had the honor of being one of 8 artists selected to pitch my business for Nashville's Arts and Business Council! I will also be participating the Artist Showcase on the same evening -my first show! 

Periscope is a year long program I was invited to join back in February. I and 24 other amazing artists from around Nashville spent 8 weeks in person learning tools for building a successful businesses. Over the past 2 months we each pitched our business for a panel of judges and received feedback and scoring. 

Everyone has awesome unique business that will add to the beauty and creativity of Nashville (and beyond!), I'm beyond honored to have this chance! A year ago I scarcely had plan of any sort for my business and felt so unsure of myself as an artist -not to mention feeling completely overwhelmed by trying to navigate the process of becoming an entrepreneur! I cannot say enough positive things about the Periscope program, my fellow artists who continue to inspire me, and my amazing mentor Maile Lani! You all have inspired and informed my path as an artist and business owner, thank you so much for being who you are! 


If you want to come see my show and watch me pitch my business here are details for the event. I could use the support! Between packing our entire life into storage, Korean language lessons, starting a business and getting ready to leave the country (less than 10 hours after the show!) I'm starting to feel a little queasy about the pitch. I'm excite but also sooo tired! Haha! 

Date: Wednesday September 7, 2022 at 6:00 PM CDT

6-7pm View the artist's showcase

7pm Pitches will begin

Location: OZ Arts Nashville (6172 Cockrill Bend Circle Nashville, TN 37209)


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